• Exterior, building and patio
  • Exterior, a guest sitting in front of a laptop in the patio area
  • Interior, two seated guests enjoying beverages
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About us

Some people start with a vision. We started with an anti-vision. We pictured the typical coffee shop–white-tiled walls, potted plants, pumped-in music, and aloof baristas–and put an ax to it. We tapped a local legend in coffee roasting and started there–badass beans. But once you’ve got the area’s best coffee, everything else suddenly must be…perfect. Not to say that we’re obsessive (spent three years tweaking our cold brew), but every element that followed had to be the Pips to our beans’ Gladys Knight. Warm hues, coffees and teas, outdoor seating, and a few mixed drinks. (then, finally) -Presto!- Creatively Caffeinated.

cre-a-tive-ly (adjective) done in a matter of involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.

caf-fein-at-ed (adjective) containing the natural amount of caffeine, or with caffeine added. Also, BUZZED.

Now prepare to be confused. Yes, we’re based in Raleigh. And yes, Sir Walter Raleigh is the city’s namesake. But Sir Walter Coffee is named after neither. It’s a hat-tip to the tobacco brand my Dad loved. So good luck sorting that out.